More than 850 performances in 30 countries !!

Created and interpreted by Patrik COTTET MOINE

General Public Performances

Lasting around 60/70 minutes. Since 6 years.


Sketches of 4 to 5 minutes of different themes and personalities.

Can be integrated in any performance of artists--- television, set,magic etc.

Patrik COTTET MOINE is as tall and lean as a lamppost. His striking physique only adds to his real stage presence in a clever, funny and creative show.
Using few words but remaining totally credible at all times, he brings to life unlikely situations thanks to his strong sense of observation and sharp eye for detail. With impossible comical gestures, sound effects and a surgeon’s precision, he portrays larger-than-life characters in comical situations.
A fisherman struggles to hold on to his catch ; Zorro gets tangled up in his cape ; a policeman tries to hitch a ride ; a tennis champion is determined to win at any cost.

The audience is captivated, drawn into the world of an artist with fire in his eyes. His one ambition ? To make others laugh, seemingly without effort.


- Internationales Festival Arosa / Switzerland
- Festival Comicodeon Kapfenberg / Austria
- Festival “Just for laughs” Montréal / Canada
- Internationales Festival Schauspiel Turin / Italy
- Comedy Kunst Festival in Moers / Deutschland
- Daidogei World Cup Festival in Shizuoka / Japan
- “Special Guests Tour Ursus & Nadeschkin 2007” / Switzerland
- Comedy Festival (Bern, Luzern, Zurich, Gossan) / Switzerland
- International Humor Festival in Rochefort / Belgium
- Dar Es Salam / Tanzania
- Thuner Theaterbörse / Switzerland
- Freiburger Theaterbörse / Germany
- Festival Le grand rire, Québec / Canada
- Comedien Festival / Germany
- Theater Prince Albert, Harare / Zimbabwe
- Festival von Naturns Tirol / Italy
- Scène du vieux fort von Zanzibar / Tanzania
- Warehouse Theater Windhoek / Namibia
- Festival francophone in Dakar / Sénégal
- Theaterfestival Lisabonne / Portugal
- Festival Carambolage / Italy
- SAT-Théatro Barcelona / Spain
- Festival Zoofest, Montréal / Canada


" First rate, clean humour suitable for all the family."

"Great comedy full of realism"

"He transforms banal situations into absurd masterpieces."

"The comical expressions are disconcerting and explosive.. Patrik, without uttering a word sets off peals of laughter throughout the theatre."

" Little King of visual gags, Patrik Cottet Moine ’s show is a gem"

"The beanpole with an elastic body straight from a Tex Avery cartoon surprizes us constantly in his hilarious sketches"

" Most certainly the most talked about mime show in France."